How we innovate

How we innovate

At Randon Companies, all innovation initiatives are designed based on our purpose of connecting people and riches to generate prosperity and are based on two pillars: in incremental and disruptive businesses. The innovation actions, combined with our way of being and doing, lead the company to cultural transformation.

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The Randon Technological Center – CTR was created more than 10 years ago to act in the development of products, technologies, tests and validation of innovations, sharing with the market the experiences of more than seven decades of experience in innovation of Randon Companies.

CTR’s focus is on product innovation and research involving mobility megatrends. The Randon Technological Center has become, from the structure of tracks and laboratories located in Farroupilha, in the Serra Gaucha, and the work of its engineers, one of the main places for the development of solutions for the mobility industry in the country.

RTS Industry is our unit for accelerating and innovating industrial processes with a focus on providing solutions, special machines, and smart manufacturing.

Among the objectives of RTS Industry are the manufacture and sale of robotic cells, machines, devices, and industrial tooling. The new unit will also provide technical engineering and advisory services in industrial automation, and in the sale of parts and components for this segment.

Randon Ventures is our initiative to invest, co-invest and accelerate startups. It aims to create new business opportunities for the company, bring Randon Companies closer to innovation ecosystems and stimulate research projects involving new technologies.

Randon Ventures’ operations are mainly focused on segments complementary to the company’s business, such as logistics, financial services, insurance, and mobility of things.

Conexo is an open innovation initiative maintained by Randon Companies. Conexo is a hub of physical and digital connections that brings the company, entrepreneurs, other companies, startups, universities, the community, and the entire innovation ecosystem closer together.

Through development programs, challenges and mentoring, Conexo encourages the production of knowledge and agile solutions, solving real problems, valuing ideas and generating new business opportunities.