Review in 2009 Indicators - Guidance

Although the first half of the year showed progressive improvement, growth was slower than the Company expected when it disclosed its indicators at the beginning of the year.

The international financial crisis has shaken the market confidence and caused a credit crunch, reducing consumption in general across the planet, decreasing industrial activity, and making investments in capital goods more difficult. In the domestic market, the production of commercial vehicles dropped by approximately 30% as compared to 2008, driven by a strong slump in the foreign market, which shows a drop of 70% in the same period. Considering these facts and believing in a more stabilized recovery for the second half, Randon re-submits its estimates for the main market indicators, as follows:

  • Gross Revenue – R$ 3.5 billion;
  • Net Revenue – R$ 2.3 billion;
  • Exports – US$ 170 million;
  • Imports – US$ 50 million;
  • Investments – R$ 150 million.

Caxias do Sul, August 07, 2009.

Randon S.A. Implementos e Participações
Astor Milton Schmitt
Investor Relations Director

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