Randon sets a record in 2007, with a total gross revenue of R$ 3,6 billion

Positive results come from the primary sector, agribusiness, mining and bio-energy segments, in addition to the area of Brazilian durable and non-durable goods

Thanks to the presence of freight transport and logistics in most economic sectors, Randon S.A.- Implementos e Participações recorded in 2007 another year of records in its results and growth. The total gross revenue (without eliminating inter-company sales) grew 24.4%, reaching R$ 3,6 billion, and the consolidated net revenue ended the year at R$ 2,5 billion, a 25.2% increase in relation to that of 2006. The gross profit reached R$ 671,1 million in the accrued result of 2007, representing an increase of 27.3% as compared to the same period in 2006 (R$ 527,1 million), while the consolidated net profit reached R$ 173,4 million (+30%) for a consolidated Ebtida of R$ 388,6 million. In 2007, Randon Companies invested R$ 196,6 billion in innovation and modernization, so as to ensure the regular supply of road equipment to the market.

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